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Max Gunther and his thoughts about Planning Ahead

2017-01-11 04:54:55

Yes, someone reviewed Max Gunther's book "The Zurich Axioms" as being one of the worst books ever written. As a totally worthless book.

Be it my bad taste, stupidity, different mindset, or I simply read the book with a bit different ideas than the guy who wrote the review, for me I did find couple of good points there. I guess the reason why I liked them was simple - they matched my own ideas.

I hate planning. How the hell can I know what I want to do the same time next year or next month or next week or...even tomorrow. Yes, I can have an idea, but making a plan sounds ... difficult.

Max Gunther kind of agrees with me, with the difference that he actually seems to be able to explain why plans shouldn't be taken seriously. He says that "long-term plans assume that the future is under control, but is it, is it really? No. And if you can't know what you're planning for, how can you make a sensible plan?" All long-term plans need to have the flexibility to change or you should be ready to get rid of them completely should there be a need for it. Of course, the definition of long-term can vary based on a person. I personally feel long term can sometimes be as short as just 3 hours. Planning ahead more than 3 hours.

"A plan is a lifelong illusion of order."

I would only add one main exception to the nonsenseness of long term plans. Sometimes you know what you WANT to do tomorrow or the next month. And sticking to what you WANT, is often a lot more possible than sticking to a random plan.

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