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New Amazon Warehouse to Boost Jobs in Tilbury

2017-08-14 07:49:26

Completion of Ecommerce Giant's Fulfilment Centre Ahead of Schedule
Amazon's 14th UK fulfilment centre will create 1,500 new jobs in the Tilbury area, bringing a welcome boost to the local economy.

This is the age of ecommerce. By 2030, around 40 percent of purchases will take place online, and one company has done more than any other to lead the revolution. Never one to rest on its laurels, Amazon continues to grow, and later this year, will throw open the doors of its latest UK fulfilment centre in Tilbury, Essex.

Not only does this represent great news for shoppers, who can expect to take delivery of their purchases even faster, it will also benefit the local economy. Local property agents in Upminster are expecting the area, which is already popular with commuters due to its excellent transport links, to become an even more desirable spot, in view of the 1,500 new jobs that the Amazon facility will bring.

A growing network
The Tilbury facility will be lucky number 14 for Amazon's UK fulfilment centres, adding to the two in Doncaster, plus the operations in Peterborough, Coalville, Milton Keynes, Manchester, Dunfermline, Dunstable, Hemel Hempstead, Gourock, Rugeley, Daventry and Swansea Bay.

Construction is stated to be ahead of schedule, and Amazon recently announced that it has already filled one of the 1,500 vacant positions. Robert Stobinski will take the role of General Manager, and is excited at the prospect of building a team of enthusiastic new recruits to support operations at the cutting edge facility.

Stobinski told reporters that Amazon will be offering competitive salaries and an excellent benefits package for those who enter on day one, including prepaid 95 percent funding of tuition fees for applicable personal development courses.

As you can imagine, Amazon will be recruiting for a whole range of positions, from finance, IT and HR professionals to warehouse operatives to handle customer orders and deliveries.

Why Tilbury?
If you were to mark the above mentioned locations on a map of the UK, it would become immediately apparent that there is a large, Amazon-shaped gap in the south east. This is, to a certain extent, unsurprising. This is London's main commuter belt, and property prices are at a premium. But Amazon always has an eye for a bargain, and Tilbury is a shrewd choice.

Like Milton Keynes (where, incidentally, Amazon also has a fulfilment centre), it is an area that has seen ups and downs over the years. The town has always been heavily reliant on its port for local employment, and the introduction of standardised containers and the associated mechanisation led to unemployment and the area going into decline.

Over the past 20 years, however, Tilbury has benefited from a local government regeneration programme, and the arrival of several new employers, of which Amazon is the biggest yet.

Opportunities for all
The combination of recent regeneration and new investment in an area where property prices are still relatively low due to the problems of the late 20th century spells good news for those looking for a fresh start. Amazon is playing an important role in putting Tilbury back on the map and making it one of the most desirable places to live and work in the 21st century.

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