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New Video Player Makes it Easy to Sell Products

2017-10-26 04:49:14

Websites with videos have greater user interaction and often perform better than text-only sites. With videos you can introduce new products and services and can create more interaction with your users. However, making this interaction voluntary instead of forcing it through pop up ads can make this type of marketing more pleasant for the user and more successful for the marketer.

The new Boss Video Player offers this voluntary interaction as its key feature. It allows users to choose to interact with the content, instead of forcing ads upon them and spoiling their watching experience. Website owners and bloggers can show any information they select based on time codes. They can sell products, information, music and much more.

For example, affiliate links can be embedded and make this player attractive to fashion, cooking and many other bloggers. When a user pauses the video, the menu shows up with items of clothing, shoes, purses, or anything else the blogger chooses to input during that timecode. It is very easy to add links with affiliate codes.

This could also work well for bands or writers. They can embed videos on their websites with links that provide an option to purchase a song, album or book. The possibilities to monetize video content are endless with this new video player.

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