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Storm damage to your property can be financially overwhelming

2017-01-11 03:59:32

Storm damage your your property can be huge, theoretically it can cripple you financially and obviously, should that happen, it will definitely also hurt you emotionally. Like they say, it's always better to be safe than sorry, so you need to be prepared for the time the storms will actually strike. State Farm, company that has been helping people manage their day to day risks since 1922, is offering your suggestions on what you could do to prepare for the spring storm season.

You can find many suggestions about preparing yourself for the severe weather season from the interactive media player below. But possibly one of the most important things to remember - never try to outrun a tornado, rather find safe shelter immediately.

In 2013 the cost of wind and hail damage to State Farm's policy holders was $3 billion. The highest number of tornadoes was in Oklahoma, Texas, and Florida. The highest number of wind/hail State Farm claims was submitted in Texas (42 000), Illinois (26 000) and Georgia (25 000).

So if your property is located in any of those States, you need to be especially prepared for the storms. Even though the beginning of the severe weather season has been slow, it doesn't necessarily mean that the season will finish below average.

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