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How to reduce health care costs in your company?

2017-01-11 03:29:52

While it's a very wide topic and the exact solution or answer to the question depends on which country your company is based on, what type of company you have and also how many employees you have, not to mention their usual physical activity, there are definitely couple of things each and every company could do in order to benefit both the company and the employee.

Healthy employee is a happy and a productive one, at least compared to the alternative versions. And healthy often means that the employee's weight is healthy for the specific individuals (forget the BMI - you are either in shape or you're not).

So the easiest way to get started to reduce health care cost for your company and at the same time make your employees more productive and happy, is to do the best from your side to offer any and every option for them to exercise and do it under professional supervision, when necessary.

The exact how-to-do-it depends a lot on the type, size and location of your company. You might do it locally, even as part of the end of the working day routine - take all your 4 employees to the gym with you. Or if you have large company based in the U.S., you can also use the help of some company like incentaHealth. They say that their program "typically attracts over 50% of the overweight employees at a given worksite." All of their lifestyle coaching is customized for everyone individually and is accessible easily over internet.

Whichever way you decide to go, keep in mind that healthy employee is a happy employee and happy employee is a productive one. And simple weight loss programs for your employees might be the easiest way to go - saving you money by the end of the day and increasing the life expectancy of your employees at the same time.

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