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How New Companies Can Find Amazing Employees

2017-01-11 04:01:10

Starting up a company isn't the easiest of processes, as any business owner or analyst will tell you. With so many things to organise in terms of locations, equipment, insurance, tax and so on; it's easy to forget that you need to go out and actively look for new business.

Unless you're fortunate enough to have already got experience in the world of marketing, this can be a daunting prospect - and one that can often appear fruitless no matter how much time, effort and money you put in. However, without customers and clients, you have no business. If you are fortunate enough to get a number of clients on board you're then faced with another issue.

With very little money available to start out with having paid for all of the essentials to get the new business off the ground, you're likely to struggle to find staff who are up to the challenges ahead of them in a brand new company and who are also willing to work for whatever money you have available.

In the first few years, many businesses operate at a loss, slowly eating away at the deficit until they start to make money and from that point onwards the future looks bright. So how do you find amazing staff in the early days?

Well one really good way to start out, until you know exactly how much work you have on a regular basis, is through freelancers. There are plenty of people, especially in the creative niches, who work as full-time freelancers with qualifications and experience that are highly desirable, they just haven't been snapped up by a firm full-time or they've chosen to work from home. You can advertise for workers on sites like or you can do your own searches through the industry, perhaps speaking with people you know or asking Twitter users.

Another option is to let a recruitment agency take care of it all for you so you can keep your eye on the business itself in the early days. By speaking with the recruiters you can tell them exactly what you're looking for and the kind of salary on offer so that they can narrow their search down and perform a series of initial interview for you. There are recruitment agencies who specialise in all kinds of industries with everything from IT sales recruitment specialists to those who can find experienced graphic designers.

A final suggestion is to look into providing work experience for graduates and college students. Plenty of Universities look to link-up with companies of all sizes to ensure that students get the valuable industry experience they need in the form of internships to help them when they graduate.

By getting that link you get access to young people who are looking to work in your industry and who are trained to have the latest skills so they can hit the ground running when they walk through your doors on day one.

Yes, interviewing for new staff can be a long, drawn out process - especially if you're particular about the kind of person (or people) you're looking for, but there are ways of reducing the time and stress involved, as mentioned in this piece. Eventually, as you start to build up your reputation as a company, you will find that your name is used so often in the industry that people start to approach you and you just have to go through the applications rather than advertising for staff first.

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