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How to engage and inspire your employees

2017-01-11 03:58:58

Every business owner wants to do what's right for his business. And by the end of the day, the good business environment for the employees is one of the main things the boss, owner, the manager, should be thinking of. The truth is that unless we are talking about a one-man company, each and every company is made up of people, of employees, without whom nothing would happen, without whom there wouldn't be any business. And as such, as a business owner, your responsibility is to keep all the employees happy. And happiness comes from different things - good wages, recognition, rewards. But that's only one part of the coin.

The other is that the employees need to feel attached to the company, they need to be inspired and engaged at work, they need to feel like they belong. This and many other things were brought out in 2014 Workplace Trends report. The workplace trends report, produced by Sodexo, brings out 10 significant trends, such as:

- Workplace Experience Design
- Creating an Engaging Work Environment Through Gamification
- Health-Centered Buildings: A Paradigm Shift in Buildings and Operation
- Cross Cultural Understanding and Management
- Always On: Managing the Challenges of Work-Related Communication Technology
- Demonstrating Value in Employee Recognition Programs: Why VOI is the New ROI
- Constructing "Smarter" Buildings
- Creating the Future of Work: Getting Started
- 30 Jobs of the Future and How to Create Them
- Total Health: Integrated Approaches to Worker Health Promotion and Protection

Learn more about the report and how to keep the employees happy using the interactive media player below.

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