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A few words about the self-help industry

2017-01-11 04:48:11

Before we get going, I must say that even the word self-help kind of starts to make me vomit. There's nothing wrong with the word or what's behind it, but what has ruined it, is everything around it. Self-help industry for example. Self-help, self-empowerment, and so many other things like that, about which books are written and seminars are given and conferences are held, instead of helping anyone, turn them into self-help junkies that get a one-time boost for couple of days and then need more.

It's one of the couple of things I tend to whine about a lot. And even if I wanted to, I simply can't look at it any other way. I believe that yes, it might be good to read couple of books from the self-help industry. Just so you could say you're aware of them. But it must be followed by creating simple guides that will help you in the future yourself. Otherwise you'll end up as being one of the guys in the loser-camp without even realizing it. Self-help industry's main goal in my opinion is to self-help the self-help industry by creating more and more need for it. Okay, yes, I agree, creating a demand for something you actually don't need is, without a doubt, an art form itself. And I'll be honest, I'd be proud if I was capable enough to do it myself.

I'm sorry for people who actually offer something in the self-help industry, other than paid help for two-day relief (that in honesty you could have got from a bj instead). But that main bunch there really isn't worth your tiny finger. It might be interesting to read, it might be interesting to listen, no doubt about that. But is it really useful, as it's supposed to be, well, self-help and everything, you know, that's the question. And I say it's not. And now I'm imagining a guy on the stage, with serious conviction and smart-as-hell face saying "Imagine if you were a frog, how would the world look to you then, " and everyone listening start to think about.

Never mind...just thinking out loud, as usual.

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