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Avoiding DIY Disaster With Professional Pressure Washing

2019-06-18 11:07:52

Every property owner wants to take pride in their home or workspace. Simple additions add character but more often than not, it is subtraction that boosts curb appeal. Algae, mold, moss, graffiti and general dirt are marking up exterior spaces all over Canada. Widespread staining is what keeps owners and managers running out to rental centres for pressure washers. On paper, firing up a motor and blowing away stains seems great, but DIY can become a disaster before you know it. If your property is in need of a little TLC, professional service provides expert care, competitive rates and eliminates the risks associated with inexperienced care.

The exterior of properties are built tough to withstand even the most difficult Canadian winters. Despite being made to stand up to unpredictable climates, construction materials are still delicate. A heavy handed approach like pressure washing can leave bald patches on stucco or blast away aging or weathered sections. Experts are able to identify potential problems before ever firing up a motor. Before jumping headlong into a project, consider the pros of calling in the pressure washing pros.

The Advantages of Professional Care

Avoid Property Damage: All on its own, water does not harm properties but when highly pressurized, it can cause a lot of damage. Aiming at sensitive or delicate areas can mean breakage or the stripping away of protective layers. While force might cause obvious breakage, water damage is happening behind the scenes. Without the right knowledge, materials like vinyl siding, wood accents or stucco can allow water to get into walls, creating ugly stains, harmful mold and the need for premature repairs.

Cut Maintenance Costs: Renting a power washer might seem like an inexpensive way to create a more welcoming space, but the risk is not worth the reward. One misjudgement in aim can mean shattered windows or other damage which requires expensive repairs and replacements.

Stay Safe: In addition to breaking up your fixtures, high-powered sprays can break skin, making your maintenance experience painful. Choosing professional and insured services means that your property is completely covered in the event of any accidents. Trying to take cleaning into your own hands means the risk of accidental destruction of property or even bodily harm. Being fully insured means property owners are not liable for anything unexpected.

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