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HRM in the 21st century make it or break it (I) - Recruitment

The Internet makes everything easier, including the human resources management. Or at least that would be the general idea. We have grown with the idea that the Internet helps by decreasing costs related to the recruitment and selection processes, by maki

The human resource management contains several basic steps that will be discussed further below:

1. Recruitment. Online recruitment means that you are able to access more data, faster and with better results. Here are some pointers to get you started in online human resource recruitment:
  • Log onto the many websites that provide CVs for people who are looking for jobs. Websites such as or are either free or have nominal fees. In exchange, you will have access to a large database of CVs and can thus maximize the effects of your recruitment process.
  • Use forums. If you have the time, spend an hour or so everyday browsing the forums, either human resources forums or those dealing with the business you run. The information provided there can be priceless: you can find out about the experiences other businesses have had in terms of online recruitment, receive additional information about websites that you can use etc.
  • Always start your recruitment process with a basic Google search. The ratio between results and time spent is always high: it takes less than a minute and the results can open new leads for you in your recruitment process simply type in the position you are looking for and click that Search button to open up new possibilities.
  • Chatrooms may also be good communication environments that you can use to spread information that you are looking to fill a certain position in your company.
  • If your company sends out a newsletter, don't hesitate to mention somewhere in its content that you have an open position: the idea is to have as many people know about this as possible and you never know who might actually know somebody suitable for that position.
  • Use your network of friends and business partners. Sure, this is not even an online option, it is available in all situations. However, your online friends are likely to be more numerous than the everyday friends you physically meet with.
  • Faculty and university websites could also be a good resource for your recruitment process. Post a message on the online board of a faculty and you can make sure that your interest in filling in a position is seen by a large number of students who might be willing to start their professional experience since college.

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