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Time to Perform - new brand campaign for Bridgestone

2017-01-11 04:10:41

Introducing your brand as well as keeping your brand name known throughout the years is important for any major brand. Especially if your brand is all about quality, experience and life-long evolution of your product.

Bridgestone brand is definitely very strong all over the world, but even they need to keep things fresh and remind their existence to the world whenever they can.

And now they have come out with new ads for Super Bowl to help with Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign. One of the main keywords in case of Bridgestone brand is and has always been performance. Performance when it matters the most. In their new campaign they call it "Performance Moments."

The main idea behind their campaign is to investigate the impact Bridgestone performance attributes could have on professional sports. And they try to do it with the help from some very well-known sports celebrities.

These commercials try to show how the attributes from each of their products could translate to the football field, basketball court, bowling lane and ice hockey rink. The commercials will debut during Super Bowl on NBC on Sunday, February 5, 2012.

Bridgestone knows what they are doing. The question to you, however, is, do you? Whenever you work on your brand, you should be looking at how some big successful brands are doing their thing and then see what you could learn from them, which ideas you could use in marketing your brand better.

Learn more about New Super Bowl ads for Bridgestone Americas Brand Campaign by watching the videos here:

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