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Laptop stand for working standing up

2017-01-11 03:54:28

Two days ago I was just about to start working for the second session. It was 11am and I had already finished my first session at a cafeteria. My first working session usually takes anywhere around 1 hour to 4 hours. It depends on a day, feeling, One way or another, at 11am it was time to start working again, and this work session was meant to be a home work session. This is always kind of complicated one. You have your TV, you have your couch, your bet, your fridge, your oven. So all together, shitloads of distractions. And if your apartment looks messy at the same time then...

Well, two days ago my first thought wasn't to eat or cook or even clean up the apartment instead of working. That day I though to myself - I'd like to work, but I'd like to do it standing up - so, I decided I need a table which would allow me to work standing up. Money never is your best friend, neither is the weather if it is -25 C, so I had to build something out of the stuff I had at my one-room apartment and to cellar boxes. Ah yes, did I mention I don't have any tools for doing any houseworks either? Not even a screwdriver.

So, getting creative was the only possibility. I had a low table. I had one tv table. I had some super glue. I had a swiss knife.

The result wasn't perfect, it could be just a bit higher, maybe 10cm (just needs couple of more pieces of wood between the low table and tv table), but I've worked standing up for three days already, each day around 3-4 hours. It's a really nice change.

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