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Location, Efficiency, Location - new mantra for commercial real estate owners

2017-01-11 02:50:01

According to global survey conducted among 3500 building owners and operators, the old business mantra that said the location is the most important one, doesn't apply exactly like that to building owners and operators anymore. The new mantra for real estate owners has rather become location, efficiency, location.

The survey was conduced by Johnson Controls and is called The 2012 Johnson Controls Energy Efficiency Indicator. What it revealed is that building owners have started to realize more and more that investments in energy efficiency can make their buildings a lot more profitable.

"Building owners are investing in energy efficiency because they recognize the financial payback," said president of Johnson Controls, Dave Myers.

These days 85 percent of building owners and operators around the world are depending on energy management to drive operational efficiency. Compared to two years ago, it's a 34-point increase.

As saving energy often also means cutting costs, in the opinion of many building owners, it's a must.

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