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PR lessons by the industry professionals

2017-01-11 02:42:37

If you are looking for ideas on how not to answer emails, here are sample real-life samples.

Earlier today I noticed I had received over 25 emails (3 versions of each, so 8-9 different ones maybe) from the same sender. They didn't all arrive at my main email address, but as I have some email forwarders to my main email as well, they all arrived at my main account. Some of the forwarding addresses I don't really use, neither do I subscribe anywhere using those addresses.

I decided to answer to the sender by saying "STOP SPAMMING!"..well, not too professional, I know. Sending out a press release is okay, but if the press releases start to look like regular viagra ads then what can you do.

I actually received an answer from them:
Hey douche are on a press list and if you do not want to be fed anything about the fucking arts, than get the fuck out of the media industry.

And, also idiot, you could have opted out with less letters and way less energy if you know how to spell your asshole name .

And, asshole...go fuck yourself because I can safely say your thecheers org bullshit will not be here in 3 years.

what a douche you are to make an effort this way rather than just merely unsubscribing, but again, you are an idiot.


The second email from them wasn't any better. And they are supposed to be an artist development company. I seriously hope they are able to represent their artists better than themselves.

Note: After some research in my mail folders, I did notice they have actually been sending mails to me for at least a year...but so far their "SPAM" (that's what I really need to call it now, especially after getting an email from their 'representative') have been somewhat tolerable.

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