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Joining A Recession-Proof Industry

2019-05-02 03:44:14

Owning a business can be scary - particularly in a shaky economy. As homeowners and brick and mortar shops begin to tighten their purse strings, luxury items and services are the first to go. This economic dependence can be enough to deter residents from becoming franchise owners. The trick to maintaining security while being your own boss is to choose a franchise opportunity in an industry that is recession proof. There are a few potential industries that fit this bill but none are as lucrative and accessible as pest control.

What To Expect From A Pest Control Franchise

Security: Insects and rodents don’t care what time of year it is, or what is going on with the local economy - they are ready to invade at their leisure. Pest infestations have very different consequences for both homes and businesses. It might be possible to put off certain types of extermination at home, but in a restaurant or hospitality environment, having a mouse or cockroach on scene can ruin a company’s reputation. This means that there will always be a call to answer and a job to do.

In-House Service: Unlike tech-based services, pest control can never be outsourced to another province or country. It might be possible to ship customer service questionnaires solely to phone lines but getting rid of rodents requires the physical presence of an expert. The inability to pawn off services is just another way that a pest franchise cements itself as a secure career choice.

Recurring Services: In increasingly urbanized environments and densely populated areas, it is tough to keep pests out. Proper prevention methods are necessary but with a revolving door of clients, bed bugs are a constantly resurfacing pest. In order to treat repeat infestations, many pest companies see recurring clients.

Everyone wants to be their own boss, but it can be difficult to make that leap. If you are considering a career change and franchise ownership, make an educated decision and let stubborn pests pave the way.

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