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building self-confidence

Building a Quiet self-confidence

2017-01-11 04:17:42

Building self-confidence is pure hard work. It is pretty much a training to trust yourself, trusting in your skills and talents and staying optimistic at all times. Being confident and feeling confident are two things that make an ordinary man/woman seem extraordinary. People tend to notice and gravitate to the ones with self-confidence than the shy ones. But, there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so building the right amount of confidence should be taken to consideration to avoid unwanted attention and comments.

The attractive and perfect kind of self-confidence is the quiet kind. It is by knowing your capabilities, skills, strengths and even your weaknesses without being cocky or annoying about it. It also makes you appear not overly social and not desperate for attention. These are the tips on how to be quietly confident.

  • Be comfortable with yourself. When you are comfortable with yourself it means you have accepted who you really are, all the negative and positive things about you. It is by loving yourself and ignoring all the insecurities that are going to pull you down. And you should avoid qualities that make you unattractive. Such as being mean-spirited and moody. People with real confidence are friendly and happy.
  • Be smooth. When you are relaxed, you're at your best. When problems arise, stand up for yourself. Avoid making things messy. Always remember, smooth people appear more beautiful and charming because there is a relaxed and effortless vibe to them.
  • Avoid talking too much to everyone. Talking too much to everyone in the room makes you appear desperate for attention. People will also find you annoying, so talk in moderation.
  • Smile. People will find you friendly and ready to socialize when they see you smile, even strangers warm to people they don't know whenever they see a smile. It breaks the ice even without saying a word.
  • Take some alone time. When people see that you spend some alone time, it makes them understand that you are not the clingy type. The non-clingy type is more attractive than the needy ones because it means that they respect other's privacy. Be thoughtful to friends and acquaintances for they also need their personal space or privacy. Don't always try to hang with friends 24/7, give them the space when they choose to be with their other loved ones or other set of friends instead of you.
  • Pay attention in class. Avoid asking for help constantly as it will make you appear annoying. A person with quiet confidence knows what he/she is doing. Only ask for help when there is difficulty in understanding a lesson, otherwise it will make you appear annoying.
  • Change your routine occasionally. Do different things occasionally and avoid predictability in your life. Surprise everyone around you with a talent, adventure and trips they are not expecting to see you in.
  • Wear an odd piece of jewelry that you like. Being different even just a bit makes you appear confident. You are giving-off a unique and confident image to others without being too loud and don't wear a piece of jewelry because everyone else in the room wears it. You should avoid that mentality and try to develop your own style.
  • Wear little makeup. Don't overdo the make-up because it makes you appear you are hiding something. Wearing too much make-up makes you look insecure in your own skin. Apply a little make-up that looks natural and to cover up a blemish, it's more attractive and pleasing to look at that way. Always bear in mind that make-up is made to enhance a feature and cover a blemish.

With these tips in building a quiet self-confidence, you are bound to soar in greater heights in your personal life. For, the quiet confidence draws people to your side, it builds trust and loyalty.

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