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Innovation at its best

2017-01-11 03:32:13

Companies around the world are looking for a way to promote their services, their products and by the end of the day, themselves. All in order to do better. Exact strategies for doing it depend on the type of the company we are talking about as well as their average potential customer base. Usually, what companies do, is that they go for something unique, something innovative or something that would simply catch the attention of the social media and become viral that way.

However, some companies seem to do more than that - instead of just promoting their products they do something interesting and something that might be beneficial at the same time, forgetting the same old same old simply for the sake of it.

For example, UBM Electronics together with Avne Express (which is the e-Commerce engine for Avnet Electronics marketing) has just started a campaign called Drive for Innovation.

Drive for Innovation is a first of a kind media project that is meant to introduce the innovation in electronics and automotive system design by doing a cross-country journey in Chevrolet Volt. The campaign is set to last for 12 months and meant to celebrate innovation - innovative people, products and places in the categories of technology and electronics. Give respect where respect is due - that's what I say to that - and they are certainly doing just that.

The journey will be blogged and video-blogged about by EE Times Editorial Director Brian Fuller. During the cross-country trip he will be stopping to visit different innovation hubs in America, interview innovators, students, entrepreneurs, engineers and scientists who have been brave enough to go where no man has gone before, people who have had the guts to do something new.

Watch and read everything happening during the trip at or see how UBM and AVNET Express launches Drive For Innovation initiative.

Drive for Innovation

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