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Learn Smart and Save: How to Choose the Best Software Training Course

2017-01-11 03:30:14

Choosing training courses for software is simple, right? Not exactly. By spending some extra time choosing courses strategically, you can save your company time and money in the long run.

Let's say you need to train your team on Microsoft Visual Studio. First, consider individual roles and experience. For example, QuickLearn breaks their Visual Studio training down by experience levels. Just as you wouldn't invest in an advanced test automation course for a rookie developer, project managers should master reporting functions of the Team Foundation Server, but not advanced software development.

You should also consider learning preferences and hiring situations. Do you need to train a new business analyst that is a social learner? Send them to an on-site training center where they can make connections for your company while learning in a social environment. You just hired ten new developers? Provide them with a conference room to attend the course remotely while getting to know their new teammates.

Even if this seems simple, it never hurts to consult training companies before purchasing. Companies like QuickLearn have experts available for live chatting to ensure you make an optimal training investment.

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