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Covisint’s Cloud Platform: Connecting the Business World

2017-01-11 03:03:35

The Covisint platform provides an integrated, secure, and scalable solution for businesses to manage the complex relationships between identities and critical business resources. Comprised of a set of integrated and modular cloud-based technologies, the Covisint platform enables enterprises to centrally manage identities of internal and external users, and access resources across the enterprise.

The Covisint cloud platform removes the headaches of managing security, and modeling the complex relationships between people, systems, and processes – which enables developers to move from concept to workable product as quickly as possible. Applications or solutions can be built in minutes resulting in faster delivery of new functionality and iteration and reduction in the demand for technical maintenance, making your enterprise more agile and efficient.

It is easy to integrate Covisint's platform with existing applications and ensures a secure, customized, single entry point. The comprehensive suite of APIs provides the core technologies to build and customize identity-centric solutions or applications. Single sign-on (SSO) and broker capabilities are essential for the enterprise to rapidly enable and control access to key resources. The identity framework creates a seamless user experience while eliminating technology constraints and providing centralized policy enforcement, audit, and reporting.

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