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Thursday, August 11, 2016 / 03:46:12

The truth about social traffic gigs on Fiverr and SEOClerk

Before I get into it, and for the lazier readier, my one, and most important recommendation is - don't do it. Everything else that is about to follow,..
Siim Einfeldt

Before I get into it, and for the lazier readier, my one, and most important recommendation is - don't do it. Everything else that is about to follow, are my experiences with them based on 7 gigs I tried myself.

The test
In general, being a person able to think, you should think twice, or never think at all, before ordering a social traffic gig for $2 - $10. And I doubt even the more expensive versions are any better on those two sites. But, considering their popularity, I decided to give it try anyway.

I chose 7 gigs, 4 from SEOClerk, 3 from Fiverr, to try to promote 7 articles from four of my sites. The seven gigs cost me a total of around $40. And if you didn't get a hint already in the beginning of this post - no, it didn't pay off. What's even worse, the ROI could be considered to be -$200 (yes, minus). Or more.

How come?
Out of those seven there were two different, yet the same, outcomes. One outcome actually produced visitors to my site that even analytics software could track, and there were couple of thousands. The other outcome produced nothing, maybe one visitor from 'promoting' the article to tens of millions of facebook or twitter users. But as I soon realised, the fact whether I got any visitors or not, didn't matter. What matters is how it was done and whether it could hurt your website.

And the truth is that yes, those services, instead of helping you, can actually hurt you a lot. Some of the sellers actually provide you with screenshots of all... read more

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